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Talk Show

If you have a thing for entertainment 


- well who doesn't! Are you on the couch

every week catching the latest and 

greatest in sports, entertainment,

music and fashion - you'll feel right at

home here at Detroit Entertainment and




With half hourly, regular and weekly

broadcasts our aim here is to keep

you informed on what's hot and not

in tha D's world of entertainment.

Covering Detroit and the metro areas 

with a target market reaching over a

half a million viewers.


We look to engage, inform and unite


our Downtown, Mid-Town and Inner-city



We will broadcast our Motor City Music

home grow talent and have our viewers

chime in and receive opportunities to

claim promotional giveaways.

Coming to you locally from right here

in Detroit - watch us on COMCAST 90

on Saturday mornings at 1:00 PM and

E, Oakland and W. Macomb Saturday 11 AM.


We look forward to you tuning in to

program and appreciate your visiting


our website.


Contact us with any feedback and/or

Detroit entertainment, sports and community

news stories we can share.