Facebook’s Mounting Woes

By Len "Muddy" Mardeusz
Roving Reporter at- large



The Facebook network was also criticized for its use of Definers Public Affairs, a GOP-tied opposition firm. CEO Mark Zuckerberg claims the company would reevaluate its relationship with lobbying firms. But don’t bet on it.


Zuckerberg said, “I understand that a lot of Washington D.C. type firms might do this kind of work. When I learned about it I decided we don’t want to be doing it”.  But it happened anyway. According to a recent survey temporary and contract workers want higher pay and more respect. However, it is a standard strategy to skirt the issues and avoid making any meaningful changes. Lincoln Network’s Survey last year asked over 400 tech workers how they perceive Facebook and the industry’s ideological openness, 90 percent of the survey respondents who identified as being conservative and felt, consequently, feeling uncomfortable sharing their views or being themselves at work.


Facebook agreed in May (2018) to conduct a review over anti-conservative, including Christian bias but has not committed to publicly releasing the final report until sometime in 2019, when the Democrats take the House of Representatives. The tech giant, which has enlisted the help of. D.C. law firm, Covington and Burling, with their review, has been questioned by prominent Republican lawmakers for outright censoring and banning conservative ideological views. In August of 2018, over 100 Facebook employees complained the company had mono-culture attitude and

those who were not liberal were verbally abused.


Garrett Johnson, founder of Lincoln Network has urged transparency on these issues from Facebook and that the company provide public scrutiny on the on going audit this year (2018). But Facebook did not confirm to Johnson to release an update this year.


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Facebook the social media network is in trouble for purging over, again over 800 accounts for supposed “inauthentic behavior” prior to the mid-term elections. Facebook was blasted for their handling of the fall out from a New York Times report.

Muddy "I noticed your facebook page has not been active since 2017"?

By Andrea Darnell



Muddy  said "I noticed you have a Facebook page. Also has not been active since 2017. Neither are there any posts."?

My Response: Facebook has made Mark Zuckerberg alot of money and his company.


Facebook is a resource similar to Instagram, Twitter and Youtube which have all benefited financially from the copyrights of peoples ideas and businesses.  In my opinion websites are the best resource for sharing ideas and sales of your personal resources. 


Prospective clients are asked to refer to my website for any information; such as my personal bio can be found there instead of using the Linkedin page for which the owner is making millions.


In my opinion Facebook is a resource for celebrities who already have a following from their career exposure such as Floyd Mayweather has millions of followers and thousands respond daily but the small business or average person use there valuable "Time" looking to generate "Likes" and not as much time developing their talent or product idea,


I feel Facebook is "Great" resource for those who want to reach the masses for their business product exposure, song, movie, merchandise as an international market place to be used for ones own personal business benefits.  I look forward to hiring a young enthusiastic social media worker to promote our Detroit Entertainment and Sports facebook page in the future. 

The owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg proudly acknowledged during the inception of his social media he was an atheist and to follow Facebook.  Personally I chose to follow the "Lord Jesus" though the the the Word of God the Bible.  


We know Facebook works because it made "ISIS" a household name overnight without any FDA regulations.  I believe Mr. Zuckerberg has recently converted back to his Judaism religious beliefs.


By: Andrea Darnell

       Detroit Entertainment and Sports/Creator