Tigers and Lions: Oh My...I was right, twice



By Len "Muddy" Mardeusz
Roving Reporter at- large



This will be short. In early Spring of 2018, prior to the start of The Detroit Tiger season, I predicted that the Team would lose 100 games. I was wrong they lost 98. So far, G.M. Al Avila has signed free agent starting pitcher, Mike Moore to a 2.5 million 1 year contract.

Wowie, what a deal! How does Avila come up with such forward thinking ideas.  According to Avila, “Who knows he could make a real comeback”. That of course, remains to be seen. In the meantime Mike Fears is released and likely catcher, James McCann, to avoid arbitration. The 2019 season could, and most likely will, be a somewhat repeat performance. The team will certainly contain the return of most of last season players. Nick Castellanos, their MVP, is the glue for this team. Others players that can aid the offense are Niko Goodrum, Jeimer Candelario and Jacoby Jones. The bench players are simply too weak at the plate. The lack of clutch hitting with men on base was a horrific season fault. Can’t blame Gardenhire for not being able to find a guy who

get a hit in a key spot. Victor Victor Martinez is off to retirement. Miguel Cabrera is 35 years old. At this point he is injury prone! So the Tiger offense, as it stands now, must become more aggressive when necessary. Basic stuff, huh?


As for the Mike Moore acquisition it means nothing. Last season Tiger pitching posted a 4.66 earned-run-average. The starting pitchers lost 52 games; the bull pen staff lost a whopping 46 games. Try as he might manager Ron Gardenhire saw many, many games lost by lack of consistent relief pitching or lack of key consistent hitting in crucial situations. The Tigers have a young team and, perhaps too untried. Now that Mr.Mike is gone, the Illitch family (key owners) will not be as generous in chasing free agents. There is no doubt that within the current Tigers roster there are potential Major League quality players. But, the proof is in the pudding. Are Tiger fans willing to wait 3 to 4 years to find out. That also remains to be seen. And there is this, if the “right” price is offered, can the team be





During their pre-season, I made this prediction. I predicted the Lions, under Matt Patricia, would end the season with an 8 - 8 record. Well, the season is not finished and their losses could even be higher, let’s say 7 - 11. Holy crap, that is possible. Last season they were 9 - 6. What caused this dramatic collapse. Is Matt Patricia at fault or his offensive and defensive co-ordinators? They must share some of the blame. Is Matt Stafford at fault? His games against the L.A. Rams was a is also. Stafford was as 

ineffective as no one would expect. Over all thus far, his performance has been lack luster. As a matter of some fact, at least, the entire team has earned some fault. It is the same old story of up and down for both the offense and defense.  It is such a shame for all the Lions fans who countinue to fill a Ford field. I mentioned that Stafford is having a bad year. Okay, but where is the teams direction. Prior to the game against the Ram’s,

Tight end Levin Toilolo caught a total 6 passes. In the Ram’s game he caught a total of 6 passes.  In one game 6 passes caught; in eleven prior games he caught 1 per games. How does that happen?  Comparing the team stats from last season to this season so far, L.Y. ‘s stats win out. I would say Martha Ford should sell the team because as it is going she will not likely see her team in a play-off game let alone a Super Bowl game.


But buck up Detroit sports fans the Detroit Pistons are off and winning. Give the Piston’s a real break take the family to see a winning Detroit sports team. It is a nice feeling!



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