Motor City Music - TV Show





Detroit Tigers 2018 Negro League Weekend & Detroit Stars singing competition Host Farreece Grimmett.

Detroit Music Awards 2018 Host Farreece Grimmett, David Winans Pi, Sweet Crystal and many more.

Darrell Strickland of Strickly  "Increase the Peace" concert "All About the Youth

Detroit Gospel Theatre 2017 Dr. Toni Booker,  Luther Badman Keith Blues Band with Host Andrea Darnell and Carey Williams.

Detroit Music Awards 2018 pre-awards fundraiser Host Farreece

Grimmett interviews Atty. Howard Hertz, David Winans PI, Marq Speck of Sweet Cystal and many more.

Detroit Music Awards 2018 with Host Farreece Grimmett interviews with Brenda Wilson, Karen Thorton of Detroit Delivers and many others.

Peters Rock Church Pastor Steve & Candi Lee Host Farreece Grimmett, Legends in ministry honored Linda Ross, Derrick Milan, Dr. Michael Fletcher, Dr. E. Laquint Weaver and

Darius Twyman.

Your Vision Your Voice 2018 Melanie Rutherford youth program with Host Lola George Detroit Entertainment Commission & Entertainment Lawyer Stephanie Hammonds.

Detroit Music Awards 2018 interviews with Joan Belgrave and

Beverly Hills Parade highlghting 46th District Judge Debra Nance.

Andrea Darnell                    Carey Williams

Detroit Entertainment and Sports co-host Andrea Darnell and

Carey Williams.

Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame Awards 2017 with Host Carey

Willilliams interviews Freda Payne, Mary Wilson and many more.