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I'm originally from philadephia and am a life long time boxing fan . I spent countless hours in philly gyms, back in the days of Smokin Joe Frazier, (who was one of my daughter's God Father) and my dear friend.  I remember well,




By Donald Dinkins-Boxing Don



 watching some of philly's finest tough guy's like, Gypsy Joe Harris, Stanley (kitten) Hayward, Bennie Briscoe,Charley Scott, Len Matthews, etc.  I actually got my early training in tha' game from Yank Durham and Willie Reddish, the handlers of Frazier.  I was even offered a share of the Cloverlay Group sponoring Frazier, for $250 a share.  At that time Ali was champ and Joe was just out of the Olympics and I didn't ever see Joe beating, Ali, and I refused to buy in, STUPID DON.


I moved to LA in January 1970 and located the Famed Hoover Street Gym and Main Street gyms in South LA.  Those were the days of Eddie (Bossman) Jones, Hedgemon Lewis, Andy (the hawk) Price, George (Scrap Iron) Johnson,etc.  I started training fighters at the Hoover Street Gym around 1974 and KNEW I had found my calling. I then, went on to run the amateur boxing program for the city of Inglewood for a dozen years. I attended all the fights at the Fabulous Forum and noticed that the undercard fighters that trained just as long and hard as the headliners, got no love print-wise.  My wife and I decided to do something about it, especially, some of my guys were on the undercard.


We started putting together a 4 page newsletter focus mainly on the pre-lims and distributed at the Forum on fight nights. From there, things change rapidly.  The reaction we got from the boxing community was overwhelming, to say the least.  After, creating the newsletter in '99, we progressed our mag and started to branch out further than just the Southern, CA area.  I am proud to say, we meet some great people in the boxing world, and not just the fighters.  By mid 2000's we were granted press passes  and sitting ringside at the MGM grand, Mandalay Bay, Caesar's Palace, etc.  This was indeed the high point of our careers.


Things got really rough economy-wise and people really loved the magazine but just didn't have the funds to take out ads to sustain us and we had to put things on hold.  For so many years later, everytime I visit the gyms, people would ask, "Don, when are you guys gonna' start up the magazine"?  Well, the time is NOW and we're back, only as a website, this time.  We have already gotten alot of support.  One of the unigue features about OUR site, is that we don't have 'professional writers' per se, instead, we are reaching out to the average boxing fans that love the game, know alot about it and are seeking to have their expertise displayed on the internet.  I visit alot of sites and really enjoy going back and forth with the "experts" even though some talked about me badly, we're gonna' give them the opportunity to contribute to WCB.  Now, they can suffer the verbal abuse, as I have.  





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The last time I saw big talking Tony Harrison, he was having his ass delivered to him by Willie Nelson.  He would have been better off fighting the real  Willie, at least in a clinch, he would have caught a contact.  Harrison, another Detroit bad ass (like Corny Bundrage, lol), back pedaled to an easy 10 round decision which looked like a sparring session.  Except for the last 2 rounds when the plodding one dimensional, slow thinking McCalla landed a couple of right hands, wobbling Harrison, this fight was BORING.






By Donald Dinkins/Boxing Don


Even the constant shuffling and clowning by Harrison didn't liven this thing up.  Cecil has seven ko's in 23 fights and he was looking for one shot all night.  I don't think he won two rounds.  Harrison delivered a boxing lesson and all Cecil did was cover up and follow him around like a dog on a leash.  But hey, it was free so why am I complaining, right?






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(c) 2013 West Coast Boxing, LLC

This was proven as the Adonis lookin' Bundrage who calls himself "K9" was thrashed to hell by the young Charlo.  I'd been sayin' for the longest that Bundrage was nothing but a bar room brawler with minimum pro skills and tonight he showed he can't even throw a damn straight jab.  To much muscle, maybe? K9 needs to realize that Contender shit is history.  He even mentioned that show after the fight, why, beats the hell outta' me.  Maybe him and Sergio Mora should have






By Donald Dinkins/Boxing Don



a Contender's reunion Title fight.  This skirmish was so one-sided, I thought BOTH Charlo brothers were ganging up on Bundrage.  He was dropped a couple of times and I'm still waiting for his first solid punch (Though I admit, I missed the first two rounds).  After the final knockdown and the normal staged "I wasn't hurt ref" protest, Bundrage realized he was grossly overmatched.   Hey, look, this is a guy that lost to Ishe Damn Smith in his own hometown, enough said.  Bundrage wore a Jesus 4 Life cap that should've said, Thanks Jesus For Saving My Life.  And then he had the unmitigated gall to do that silly dog bark before leaving the ring.  He should have meowed.







In another cruserweight scuffle, big talkin' Shimmel said, "this should be an easy fight for me".  Maybe it would've been if he could fight.  Both of these guys are from Detroit but it must be the good side of the D, not the 'hood.  They surely didn't remind this writer of Hearns, Kenty, Hank or so many others.  These guys were more of the K9 Breed or the guy who had his lights turned out by of all people,






By Donald Dinkins/Boxing Don


Willie Nelson, (oh not, that Willie Nelson, oh my bag).  Anyway, this was a rather tame affair with no damage done.  Shimmell was awkward as hell and kept doing the same thing for the entire fight, missing, lunging in off balance, just a real mess.  Thomas won't raising any hell, either.  Hell I've seen the other Isiah Thomas raising more, hell. This should've been the walk-out fight, it was so pedestrian. Thomas won the decision.  






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Superbad Tony Harrison had been making lotta' of noise lately about how much hell he was going to bestow upon the division.  He was talkin' smack during the face off, and even shoved the usually mild-mannered Willie Nelson.  Harrison entered the ring wearing shades and I'm sure left wearing them, as well.  He was acting out his Adrian Broner side, with all the posin' and profilin' for the lenses.






By Donald Dinkins/Boxing Don


Once the bell rang, the action (such as it was) was more tactical with both guy's showing more respect in the ring than at the weigh-in.  I counted about two, three punches per round by each guys that was worth talking about.  In the sixth round, the booing started and I couldn't figure out what took so long.  These guys weren't doing much.  In the ninth r Superbad whent for a super finish and was drilled by two nice right hands and it was a wrap.  Nelson, had been biding his time, waiting for the shit talker to make a mistake, and when he did, it was back to the D or should I say, 'no, D'?






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