​Willie Horton: 

Willie Wattison Horton was born October 18, 1942, in Arno, Virginia. Willie was the youngest of 20 children of James and Lillian Horton. Ano, Virginia a small community in the corporate limits of Appalachia. your clients up to date with what's happening.

Detroit Baseball

Tiger Tales

Steve O’Neill managed the Detroit Tigers from 1943 to 1948. During his tenure as manager he was plagued by the lack of quality ball players. It was the war years. O’Neill was an exclent catch during his playing years. He played for several teams. 


Breakthrough For Baseball

Jackie Robinson’s major league debut came in 1947 and it was a turning point event in baseball history. His signing with the Dodgers, thanks to General Manager Branch Rickey, opened the door for racial integration.